Weekend Tartines, September 2016: Radishes with Butter & Salt

Born to avid sports fans in Houston, Texas in the 1980's, my husband Ryan was named after Houston Astros pitcher Nolan Ryan. This was to the total dismay of his mom's side of the family, among whom there are roughly three first names shared by all the men. Juniors and nicknames abound, and a name without history may as well not exist.

My name, Rachel, is after my maternal great-grandfather, Richard. I've heard tell, though, of the many months where I was supposed to have been Alexandra Rachel. Then: my dad had a dream, a lightbulb moment, and shortly before I arrived, I became Rachel Alexandra. I have always loved that story - a peek down the path not taken. Would I have gone by Alex? Ali? Sasha? (The horror.) But a rose by another name is still a rose, and all that.

This here blog was a dream and aspiration long before it had a name. I made lists, dissected blog names I like, and typed many, MANY variations into GoDaddy.com. The name "Weekend Tartines" is a reference to the open-faced sandwiches (tartines) I make every weekend. Lunch on any Saturday we are home is reliably a pair of tartines that reflect our morning's farmers market haul. The formula is the same:

- sliced sourdough bread from Noe Valley Bakery just down the street (toasted or untoasted)

- a sliced fruit and/or vegetable and/or cheese from the morning farmers market

- something to sauce it all together:  oil / butter / jam / sauce / spread / honey / soft cheese

- finishing salt and/or pepper and/or chopped herbs

And voila! A seasonal lunch is born.

Two weeks' tartines are rarely the same. I am starting a feature here, a monthly series featuring the latest tartine in our home - a seasonal lunch you can reliably whip together in under 10 minutes. I hope you enjoy.

This weekend's tartine is inspired by the French snack of breakfast radishes with butter and salt. I melt the butter here to soak our slices thoroughly, top them with a pretty pile of crunchy pink and white radish slices, and finish it all with a flurry of Maldon sea salt. 

I hope you are enjoying this lovely Labor Day Weekend.

Weekend Tartines, September 2016: Radishes with Butter & Salt

Makes 4 tartines / serves 2

4 medium slices of good sourdough bread
6 Cherry Belle radishes, trimmed and thinly sliced
2 tbsp unsalted butter, melted
Flaky salt, such as Maldon

Brush the butter generously onto your bread - you want to use about 1/2 tablespoon per tartine - and make sure the butter reaches all the way to the crust. Arrange the radish slices in overlapping layers on the bread. Sprinkle very generous with your salt. Serve immediately.