Hi, I'm Rachel. I grew up in New Jersey watching my mom cook seasonally from scratch before "locavore" was a even word. I now live in San Francisco with my husband and our dog. We live on the 7th steepest hill in the city, which makes for stunning views and terrifying cab rides.

I'm inspired by the fresh, seasonal produce of the Bay Area, San Francisco's diverse food culture, my Jewish roots, the towering stack of cookbooks on my nightstand, and the creativity of the food blog world. I'm a big believer that the best reason to cook something is that you want to eat it. I'm a pescatarian and a follower of the now-cliche Michael Pollan aphorism, eat real food, not too much, mostly plants.

I love: roasted vegetables, hot coffee with half-and-half, sourdough bread, cake without frosting, homemade hummus, bitter greens, Rancho Gordo beans, cheese (all but blue), soup, and red wine. You won't find here: cilantro, meat, or poultry.

Thanks for stopping by!